How to use the card designer

September 18, 2023
10 minutes

In this article we'll show you how to use LettrLabs card design tool.

What is the card designer?

The designer page is where you will be creating and, as the name suggests, designing the contents of your letter. There are plethora of functions that you can utilize. All of which are designed to be user friendly.

How to use the card designer

Below we'll outline how to use the LettrLabs card designer, so you can create beautiful handwritten and printed direct mail pieces in minutes.

Handwriting style and Font Size

How many handwriting styles do you have?

We currently offer 60 different handwriting styles to match any personality. For a quick view on all of them, you can check out this link: INSERT LINK

How can I change the handwritten font size?

You can change the handwritten font size with our slider “Font Size” under the handwriting style selection, from sizes 17-25. We recommend size 18, but 17 is readable as well for longer messages.

Can I use multiple handwriting styles on one card?

Currently we don’t allow multiple handwriting styles on a single card, but we may add this feature in the future.

The handwriting looks a little too neat, will there be any variation?

Yes! Our online designer doesn’t include the dozens of character variations, and general readable messiness that we’ve perfected. Rest assured your card will look handwritten and every card is subtly unique even within the same order.

Will there be size variations between the different handwriting styles?

Yes, each handwriting style is a little different resulting in some handwriting styles having different dimensions even on the same font size. You’ll clearly see the difference as you select different handwriting styles in our designer. For ease of reading we recommend choosing a non-cursive handwriting style, but the choice is yours!

Double sided printing

How can I add printed graphics the rear of my card?

  1. 1. Find the dropdown called “Double Sided Printing” and select yes
  2. After that above the card a new button will appear to the right of “Card Front” titled “Card Rear”, click this to see the back side of your card.
  3. Next, to add an image/graphic to the cards rear, simply click the purple circle.

It should then prompt you to upload an image/graphic from your computer.

Are you capable of doing double sided printing?

Yes we are! When uploading your image make sure the image is sized with the correct full bleed dimensions or the purple line in the editor.

What file types are supported for images?

Format should be PNG or JPEG

Adding Logo and Images

How can I add a logo to my card?

  • The logo upload field, by default, is available at the top of the card. Simply click the purple circle and it should prompt you to upload a graphic from your computer.
  • If you want to omit the logo in your letter, all you need to do is toggle the “Large Handwritten Text Block” to “Yes”. This works great if you want or need to have more space for your message.

Can I add additional images to my card?

Yes! To add additional images to your letter, click the “Add Image” button and it should add an image box where your image would be appearing. Click the “Upload” button that will be appearing in the left-hand side of the screen and it should prompt you to add an image. Hit “Delete” if you want to remove it.

You can drag to move and resize your images and logo to your specification.

Logo and Image specs:

  • Format should be PNG or JPEG.
  • Recommended print resolution is 300 dpi or higher.

Adding Printed Text

How can I add printed text to my card?

To add a Printed text to your letters, click on “Add Text Block” and it should open up a box to input your desired text.

Can I change the font size, font, and alignment of my printed text?

Yes, you are able change the Font, the size, and the Alignment for your printed text.

Can you move the printed text anywhere on my card?

Yes, you can drag to move and resize your Printed Text to your specification.

What should I use printed text for?

Printed text is best used for information that is critical for readers to understand, like a phone number or website. Additionally, it’s also a great way to emphasize information that may also be handwritten. This helps the reader better understand your objective and call to action.

QR Codes

What is a QR code and what can I do with it?

A QR code is a scan-able code that easily allows your recipients to quickly view information on your website or fill out a quick form to complete a conversion.

Can I see who scanned my QR codes

Yes! If you use our QR code generator you can see who interacted with your cards and when, allowing you to execute re-targeting campaigns with ease

How can I add a QR code to my card?

To add a QR code, copy the url of the website you want your customers to be directed to. Paste the URL in the “QR Code URL” field. Hit Generate. Scan the QR code that will appear in your screen to confirm that it works then click confirm. Your custom QR code should now appear in the lower right hand corner of your letter.

Can I move or remove my QR code on the card?

  • Yes, you can drag to move and resize your QR Code to your liking.
  • To remove, simply click “Remove QR Code”

Tracking Numbers

What are trackable phone numbers?

Tracking numbers are phone numbers that are monitored, that let you know who called and how many times.

Why should I use trackable phone numbers?

Trackable phone numbers help you gauge your card engagement when the objective is to receive calls

How can I add a trackable phone number that i’ve already purchased?

  • In the designer select “Add Tracking Number” button adds the trackable phone number to your card as a printed text box. Currently we don’t support handwritten trackable phone numbers.
  • It is important to note that you cannot just type in the “tracking number” to your letter.

How can I purchase a trackable phone number?

  • To get started in this feature, you should head out first to the “Call Tracking” tab at the left-hand side of your home screen.
  • Choose your preferred Area Code and Phone number available on the list.
  • Once you have a number, you can then set it up to where you can forward calls made to that “tracking number” to a phone number of your choice.
  • Once done with all the steps above, you can then head out to the designer page, click “Add Tracking Number” and the number should appear in the message field.

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