Achieving stratospheric campaign results with a personal appeal

How to achieve a 26.6% response rate and 55x Campaign ROI


Charity Navigator was struggling to attract and retain key mid sized donors to support their mission. As a "utility" nonprofit (critical, but not as emotionally engaging) they've had challenges energizing their donors around their mission of providing donors the tools necessary to guide philanthropic decision making.

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Charity Navigator raised $103,704 from sending a single handwritten card to 941 mid level cold prospects and lapsed donors (3+ years lapsed). The Charity Navigator team selected a handwritten 5" x 7" card in an invitation envelope for the fundraising campaign. On this card the team wrote a 500 character message and include a QR code to link back to their fundraising portal.

Our handwritten cards not only excelled at converting cold prospects, we also helped Charity Navigator reactivate hundreds of lapsed mid level donors, resulting in $34,742 from donors who had stopped donating for 3+ years. This results in more donations for their mission now, but will also result in a larger more robust donor pool in the coming years.

Further the average donation size of this campaign drastically increased from past years to the tune of 4x, of which the team associates this change with the personal appeal of LettrLabs handwritten notes had on their fundraising campaign.


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Beyond the tangible benefits dozens of donors  reached out to the Charity Navigator team expressing thanks for reaching out in such a personal and heartfelt way. They were impressed the Charity Navigator team took the time to connect with them personally and as a result they're finding a more energized and supportive pool of donors backing their mission.

Leveraging LettrLabs handwritten direct mail helped Charity Navigator not only blow away prior fundraising performance, but also reconnect with valuable mid level donors.

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