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About Us

This is LettrLabs

LettrLabs is a B2B marketing company focused on the power of handwritten communication.

We help both for profit and nonprofit enterprises connect with their followers and make a lasting impact.

Our products include personalized handwritten cards, handwritten post cards, handwritten product inserts and handwritten envelopes. Additionally, we provide data services to identify qualified leads for your organization.
Handwritten product insert written by LettrLabs handwriting robotsLettrLabs handwritten direct mail card with QR code and first class stamp
LettrLabs handwritten direct mail card and envelope with first class stampLettrLabs handwritten cards stacked on top of each other
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How we Started

It all started with our Co-founder, Brandon, spending countless hours handwriting letters to clients for over a year.

Why? When digital ads and email outreach just weren't cutting it he found handwriting notes was the most effect way to grab prospects attention and get them to act.

After too many hand cramps, paper cuts, and blisters he sought out a more efficient solution.

A stack of handwritten envelopes from LettrLabs
Picture of the LettrLabs co-founders standing next to their first shipment of envelopes

Building the Team

After realizing the potential business opportunity, he sought Kornel, a Stanford educated robotics engineer

They were both working at Virgin Hyperloop and after some convincing Kornel joined the LettrLabs team.

Building the Tech

Over the following two years we built a robotic handwriting system to help businesses connect with their followers and make sure their messages are read, considered, and acted on more than any other platform.

A robotic handwriting machine writing a handwritten letter
Robotically Handwritten with a Real pen
LettrLabs handwritten direct mail example laying on a table with different handwriting styles


Join our growing team

This is your chance to join an exciting journey at a fast-growing startup where every team member makes a meaningful impact.

Collaborate with talented people to solve complex problems, and empower businesses to grow their businesses through the power of relationship marketing.

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Our Leadership Team

Kornel Niedziela headshot, Co-founder of LettrLabs

Kornel Niedziela

Brandon Gaty headshot, Co-founder of LettrLabs

Brandon Gaty

Reed Rainey headshot, National Sales Director at LettrLabs

Reed Rainey

National Sales Director
Daniel Fein headshot, Director of Business Development at LettrLabs

Daniel Fein

Director of Business Development
Hugo Forte headshot, VP of Software Development at LettrLabs

Hugo Forte

VP of Software Development
Hugo Forte headshot, VP of Software Development at LettrLabs


Chief Bark Officer
Hugo Forte headshot, VP of Software Development at LettrLabs


Special Events Coordinator
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