Personalized, Handwritten Direct Mail at Scale

Engage your supporters and grow your mission with 10x the fundraising return compared to printed direct mail.

A simple gesture can go a long way: An authentic, pen-inked note allows you to regain a deeper connection with your donors.

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“We've leveraged LettrLabs' technology and service to connect with difficult to reach donors, both existing and new. The results are compelling! Phones are ringing, and donations are coming in.
Their team is incredibly professional and easy to work with, and the authenticity of the writing is indistinguishable.”

Kevin Scally
Chief Relationship Officer at Charity Navigator
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Competition for your prospect's attention has never been more fierce

In a world of never-ending emails, notifications, and endless screen time it's no wonder that it's never been harder to hold your audience's attention.

Your prospects see 1,000 ads a day, but they may only receive ONE handwritten letter in their mailbox every few months…

The Solution is Simple...

Cut through the noise and speak directly to your donors with a personally crafted handwritten card.

Genuine handwritten mail is the only proven way to ensure nearly 100% of your outreach messages are opened, read, and considered.

Level up your donor stewardship and make handwritten cards an automatic part the process. We take your authentic message and ensure every donor is acknowledged in a timely manner.

The Average Email open rate is 20.94%
Two-thirds of printed direct mail is never opened
Our Average Open Rate
Higher Open Rate Than Direct Mail
Still not convinced?

Reach the Unreachable with LettrLabs' Unrivaled Response Rates

Capture your donors attention with the simplest of gestures. Written with a real pen and authentic handwritten fonts with added imperfections, it's no wonder the response rate of our handwritten mail blows email and printed direct mail out of the water. How many supporters have you missed with email and printed mailers?

The Average Email response rate is 2.2%
Printed direct mail response rate ranges from .5% to 2%
Average donation response rate of our handwritten products
Over 10 times more effective at converting prospects to donors than printed direct mail

Charity Navigator + LettrLabs Fundraising Case Study

Charity Navigator logo. Charity Navigator is the world's largest and most-utilized independent nonprofit evaluator, empowers donors of all sizes with free access to data, tools, and resources
Fundraising Donation Response Rate
Raised from only 941 Cards
Campaign ROI
Reactivation %
Average Donation Size

LettrLabs Features

Wow your prospects with LettrLabs handwritten direct mail and turn a first impression into a lasting relationship

Written with a real pen
All of our direct mail is handwritten by one of our proprietary robots using a Pilot G2 pen
Premium Printing (Optional double sided)
Every card and envelope includes high quality printing to align with your branding guidelines
First Class Stamps
Every card is addressed with a first class stamp so your note can avoid looking like junk mail with a printed postage imprint
Unique handwriting styles
Choose from 11 unique handwriting styles covering any type of handwriting
Ultimate Personalization
Hyper personalize your direct with mail merge functionality to ensure your message makes an impact
Use Your Own Signature
Use your own signature for added realism written with a pen by one of our robots! Contact us to learn more!

Written with a pen and real stamp

Every piece of mail is 100% handwritten with pen thanks to our proprietary robotic automation and adorned with a first class stamp.

Save time and money

Gone are the days of cramped hands, trips to the post office, and hours writing handwritten letters for your customers. LettrLabs takes care of the headache at an unbelievable price.

Platform Integrations

Stand out in a crowded world with less effort, we fully integrate with your existing CRM to make sending handwritten mail easy, scaleable, and automatic.

The LettrLabs Advantage

LettrLabs stands out from the crowd of computer printed handwritten fonts with authentic pen written notes that are indistinguishable from your own handwriting. We all know that fake computer printed fonts are not only easy to spot, but do more harm than good.

LettrLabs built our robotic line from the ground up with industrial grade robotics, that write with the precise force of a human hand and the fluid motion of a seasoned writer.

Why does this matter? Like a real person our robots write leaving impressions, divots, and indentations in the paper you can see and feel. Your donors won't be fooled by fake handwriting because our cards are truly handwritten and provide an unmatched tactile experience you have to see to believe!

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