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Direct Mail Solutions for the Real Estate Industry

Check out LettrLabs Real Estate specific direct mail solutions!

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Handwritten postcard

Why use direct mail for Real Estate?

handwritten notes written by pen, handwritten letter in envelope direct mail marketing with a personal direct mail card for marketing outreach for the roofing industry


Aquire new clients with high performing direct mail campaigns with hyper targeted mailing lists based on your best clients


Stay top of mind of your clients with campaigns targeting holidays, birthdays, or simply saying hello!

Radius Mail Around Your Listings

Send campaigns to qualified homeowners around your listings to get more listings in the neighborhoods you're already in!

Solutions Built for Real Estate

Radius Mail Around your Listings
  • Automatically target homeowners around your listings with direct mail and build social proof as the trusted expert in the neighborhood
  • Simply upload a list of listings & we'll target homeowners in the neighborhood with a handwritten card or postcard. Don't have a lot of listings? We can mail around neighborhoods to help grow your clientele!
  • This strategy delivered other real estate clients as high as a 11x ROI
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Self-Serve Mailing List Builder
  • Create custom mailing lists on demand and target prospects across your area with personalized direct mail
  • Leverage the power of robotically handwritten direct mail to ensure your message is read and acted on
  • Target key homeowner attributes like income, house type, and years in home to target the right homeowner with the right message
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Trackable QR Code & Phone Numbers
  • See who scans your QR codes, how many times, and when so you can re-target them and focus in on the most interested recipients
  • Create tracking phone numbers to route your campaigns through to measure the calls you receive to measure theengagement of your campaigns!
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Mailing Attribution + Analytics
  • Understanding the effectiveness of your marketing efforts is essential for driving growth and maximizing ROI.
  • Mailing Attribution and Analytics provide invaluable insights into the performance of your campaigns, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your strategy for success.
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