Why investing in relationships pays off 

Clients who received a handwritten note with the focus of building relationships convert 150% more often and spend 1.8x  per transaction

Charity Navigator logo, they're a nonprofit that helps donors identify the top nonprofits to donate to based on their effective use of resources
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Charity Navigator needed to stretch their marketing spend, so they could grow and fund its ambitious mission of expanding its industry leading reviews to over 195k nonprofit organizations. When marketing dollars matter most they look for innovative ways to invest to maximize the value of their supporters and decrease client acquisition costs.


After targeting a group of supporters with a rapport building handwritten note Charity Navigator re-targeted this group of supporters with great success. The subsequent re-targeting resulted in 150% increase in conversion for the group of supporters who received the relationship building note, as well as a 1.8x increase of revenue per supporter.

By fostering relationships with existing supporters Charity Navigator was able to vastly increase future campaign performance and as a result decrease their client acquisition cost by over 50%. As a result, it's clear that investing in your existing clients and making them feel valued has a remarkable result on future revenue and profitability.

Increase in future campaign conversion
Revenue per transaction
Decrease in Client Acquisition Costs

As additional data becomes available we'll report the impact of relationship building as to the client lifetime value as well as duration of time they'll be engaged with the organization. Schedule a demo today and learn how you can prioritize your existing supporters to maximize future campaigns and bring in more revenue for your organization.