How to use the address book

September 18, 2023
5 minutes

Why should I use the address book?

You can use the Address Book to add or tag recipients. Recipients saved in your address book can be used on your mailing list when creating orders.

Adding recipients

There are numerous ways in which recipients are added into your address book. Below we’ve outlined the four different ways you can add people to your address book!

Adding a recipient

By clicking the “Add Recipient” button in the address book tab, you can manually input recipient’s information and save it.

Upload Recipients

You are able to add multiple recipients by uploading a csv, xlsx, or xls files with your recipient’s information. Click “Upload Recipients” in the address book tab, drop or upload the file, Map your data, then submit.

Example of the CSV or Excel file you can upload

Please note your recipients information must be broken out into individual cells as seen below.

For more information on the fields we use check out this article (uploading data: fields and formatting)

Purchasing a mailing list from us

You can purchase a mailing list using our radius mailing functionality (INSERT LINK HERE)

Automatically through submitted orders

All recipients recently used in a submitted order will automatically be added to your address book.

Organizing your address book with Tags

You can create, add, and delete multiple “Tags” for your recipients in the address book. This will help organize a specific number of recipients to your preference or needs.

You can delete multiple recipients by clicking the box on the left-hand side of your recipients and then clicking on the trash bin icon.

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