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How to make changes to a submitted order

September 18, 2023
3 minutes

This article will review how you can fix issues with an order that has already been submitted

Order: Submitted, but not produced

  • There is a limited window for you to make changes on your submitted order. Typically this is the same day or potentially next day at the latest after your order was submitted
  • To see if your order has already started production there are two ways of getting ahold of us,
  • First is by sending an email to
  • Second is by ringing the service bell bell icon in our website for live support

Produced, but not Mailed

  • Since the order is already produced (printed and ready for mailing), all we can do now is to NOT mail out the letters. Note that there will be no refunds for user error.
  • Your order might be in the middle of production, meaning not all the letters has been printed out yet. In this instance we can request to halt production for you to still make the necessary changes. Changes will be applied to the letters not produced yet. No refund will be issued for the cost of the printed letters. Additional charge will be requested to print out the corrected format of the letter in replacement for the printed out incorrectly formatted letters.

Mailed Orders

  • At this point theres nothing we can do as we've mailed your cards and they're in the US Postal Service system

Additional Info

Changes to your already submitted order may result in additional costs if additional options or recipients are added, some examples can be seen below.

  • Removing/Adding Double Sided Printing
  • Additional Handwritten Text
  • Removing/Adding Recipients
  • Changing postage type

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