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Plumbing Direct Mail Acquisition Case Study Delivers $753k at 7x ROI

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Plumbline unlocks $753k of revenue from LettrLabs handwritten direct mail acquisition case study


Plumbline Services is an established home services brand in the Denver metro area. Historically, they've utilized a mix of marketing channels, including direct mail, paid search, TV, radio, and various others. However, they have faced challenges with direct mail, experiencing low conversion rates and high costs per conversion. With the recent changes due to iOS 14 and the ongoing decline in the effectiveness of paid ads, they sought a new channel to drive sales.

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After a 6-month test period, Plumbline generated a 7x ROI, with over $753k in revenue generated. Their approach involved targeting qualified homeowners in their area with handwritten cards, a significant departure from their previous digital ads and printed postcards. The cost per lead for direct mail was reduced from $300 per lead to $120, while digital leads decreased from $200. LettrLabs provided an attractive and scalable solution for Plumbline to expand their business and increase leads year-round.

Other benefits of this case study include the discovery that more clients reached out to Plumbline in a 3-month period than they had delivered to in the entire previous year with postcards alone. Additionally, customers reached out for different services than those advertised by Plumbline, attributed to the relationship-building properties of the handwritten cards. Recipients who received the cards perceived Plumbline as more trustworthy, leading them to reach out more frequently about alternative services and jobs.






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