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Automated Direct Mail Hail Storm Response Delivers $340k at an 19X ROI!

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Handwritten direct mail targeting homeowners impacted by hail storms generated an astounding $340k in revenue, boasting a remarkable 19x return on investment (ROI)


Waddle Exteriors faced the challenge of securing contracts with homeowners impacted by hail before their competitors could. They often found themselves outmaneuvered by out-of-town roofers who prioritized speed over quality, resulting in Waddle having to rectify subpar workmanship. This not only reduced their profit margins but also hindered their growth potential.

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Waddle Exteriors employed LettrLabs' severe storm automation system, which involved sending robotically handwritten mailers to homeowners affected by hailstorms. Waddle conducted three campaigns following hailstorms in their area with hailstones measuring 1" or greater in diameter. These campaigns collectively generated $342k in revenue, achieving an impressive 19x ROI!

LettrLabs holds an exclusive partnership with HailTrace for handwritten direct mail. The synergy between the two companies is evident as LettrLabs harnesses HailTrace's top-tier meteorological data to pinpoint neighborhoods affected by severe weather. Leveraging this data, LettrLabs identifies the heads of households and targets them with personalized handwritten notes. These notes cut through the clutter of door knockers and door hangers, yielding outstanding results. With the severe storm automation, we are capable of producing cards immediately after a storm and mailing them out within 24-72 hours, ensuring prompt communication with homeowners.






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Waddle's remarkable 19x ROI underscores the tangible benefits of LettrLabs' severe storm automation, resulting in over $342k in revenue. Reach out to the LettrLabs team to discover more about our severe storm automation powered by HailTrace!

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