E-Commerce Brand Lifts Conversions by Enhancing Product Reviews with Handwritten Direct Mail, Delivering a 16x ROI & $390k of Revenue!

LettrLabs Delivers 16x ROI and $390k of revenue with Handwritten Direct Mail improving product reviews easing acquisition of new clients

Learn how Smash Commerce enhanced their conversions through building out & improving their product reviews


Smash Commerce is a E-Commerce company that owns and develops a portfolio of over 400 products spread across eight distinct brands and five different platforms. Smash's challenge lies with rising digital acquisition costs due to iOS 14, in addition to struggles with poor product reviews negatively impacting ongoing sales & acquisition.

Understanding the pivotal role that customer reviews play in consumer purchasing decisions, LettrLabs and Smash collaborated on a case study to measure the positive impact sending handwritten review requests to customers of four struggling products. Customer reviews are a powerful determinant in a buyer’s decision-making process, often influencing where to make a purchase. More reviews translate to higher consumer trust and confidence, which in turn drives sales. Each product had lagging reviews and had since seen a drastic decrease in sales as a result. Our goal was to measure our ability to positively impact reviews and more importantly track the positive ROI from increased sales.

Smash Commerce E-commerce client increases product reviews with handwritten direct mail outreach resulting in a 16x ROI and $390k of revenue from new acquisition LettrLabs Logo - Case Studies


Smash Commerce collaborated with LettrLabs to target recent customers of underperforming products for reviews. These reviews aimed to spotlight authentic customer feedback, subsequently bolstering Smash Commerce's ability to attract new customers through other marketing channels. The case study zeroed in on four struggling products, averaging a review rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars. Moreover, the recent sales volume of all four products had dwindled over several months due to negative reviews.

Over a three-month testing phase, LettrLabs mailed handwritten cards to past clients of these four products, prompting them to leave reviews if they hadn't done so initially. On average, the four campaigns yielded a 10.7% review conversion rate, resulting in a remarkable $390k revenue surge in the first month alone! This translated to a 16.2x ROI for Smash Commerce within the first month. Subsequently, Smash Commerce witnessed a sustained revenue increase and maintained favorable review ratings for all four products. Consequently, they expanded the program to encompass dozens of struggling products.


Conversion Rate






Review Rating Lift


Avg. Improved Review Rating


Case Study Cost


Product 1: Sales generated - over $150k

Product 2: Sales generated - over $20k

Product 3: Sales generated - over $150k

Product 4: Sales generated - over $70k

LettrLabs unequivocally demonstrated a robust ROI and swift impact with Smash Commerce, generating over $390k in the initial 30 days. Below, we've included two testimonials from the Smash Commerce team, underscoring their experience with LettrLabs.

"The graphic comparison of ratings and sales units vividly illustrates a definite correlation. It’s essential to highlight that the data represents recent campaigns, and we anticipate an even higher Return on Investment (ROI) moving forward. This anticipation stems from the sustainable impact that LettrLabs' solution has had on our ratings and, consequently, our sales. It's not a fleeting improvement; rather, it signifies a consistent and durable increase in our sales figures, underscoring the efficacy of leveraging customer reviews through our partnership with LettrLabs." - Marketing Manager at Smash Commerce.

"Our collaboration with LettrLabs has been nothing short of exceptional. Every aspect, from their impactful product to the impeccable support and flexibility we have received from their team, has been remarkable. LettrLabs stands out as the absolute best in our partnership experience, having made a significant and positive impact on our business. Their contributions have been invaluable, and we have only words of high praise for our ongoing collaboration." - Marketing Manager at Smash Commerce.

Clearly, LettrLabs has profoundly influenced Smash Commerce. Contact us today to discover how we can help your e-commerce business thrive!

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