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Ecommerce Brand Boosts ROAS by 590% Switching from Catalog Mailers to LettrLabs


Our client, a well-known brand in the apparel and home goods ecommerce sector, was experiencing a significant decline in engagement and open rates from their email and SMS marketing campaigns. This drop in engagement led to reduced recurring revenue and higher churn rates, posing a substantial threat to their bottom line.

Prior to partnering with LettrLabs, the client's marketing strategy relied heavily on traditional catalog mailings to re-engage past customers. However, this approach presented several challenges:

  • High Minimum Order Volume: The traditional catalog mailers required a significant investment due to the high minimum order volume.
  • Low Conversion Rates: Despite the investment, the conversion rates from these mailers were disappointingly low.
  • High Costs, Low ROAS: The overall cost of the catalog mailers was high, resulting in a low return on ad spend (ROAS).


LettrLabs introduced a new approach by leveraging handwritten direct mail to engage past customers. This method served as a powerful pattern interrupt, capturing the audience’s attention amidst the digital noise. The primary objective was to express gratitude to their customers with personalized messages and offer exclusive discounts for future purchases. The implementation of LettrLabs' handwritten direct mail campaign yielded impressive results:

  • Increased ROAS: The campaign achieved a remarkable 16X ROAS, representing a 600% increase compared to their previous catalog mailers.
  • Customer Appreciation: Beyond financial gains, the personalized approach resonated with customers, prompting many to send appreciative responses and share their positive experiences on social media.






ROAS Improvement




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By shifting from traditional catalog mailers to personalized handwritten direct mail, LettrLabs helped the client overcome their challenges and achieve exceptional results. The campaign not only improved the client’s ROAS significantly but also strengthened customer loyalty and engagement, proving the effectiveness of direct mail in the digital age.

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