4 Reasons Why Real Estate Door Hangers Don't Work and What to do Instead


As a realtor, it's important to use effective marketing strategies to reach potential clients and build your business. While door hangers may seem like an easy and inexpensive option, they often don't work well and can even be a waste of time and money.

Instead, realtors should consider using handwritten notes to connect with prospects. These notes have a number of advantages over door hangers, including better scalability and a higher response rates.

Scale Your Outreach

One of the biggest advantages of handwritten notes is that they are much easier to canvas larger areas than door hangers. Door hangers can only be placed on doors, limiting the number of homes you can reach. On the other hand, handwritten notes can be placed in mailboxes, handed out in person, or even left on car windshields. This allows you to reach a wider audience and increase your chances of making a connection with potential clients.

Higher Response Rates = More Listings

Another benefit of handwritten notes is that they are much more likely to be opened and responded to than any other marketing medium. In today's digital world, most people are bombarded with emails, text messages, and social media ads, and it can be easy for marketing messages to get lost in the noise. Handwritten notes, on the other hand, are rare to receive and stand out as a personal gesture. This means that prospects are more likely to open and read your note, increasing the chances that they will take action and contact you.

Longer Lasting with More Impressions

Furthermore, handwritten notes have a longer shelf life than door hangers. Door hangers are often thrown out immediately, meaning that they only make a brief impression before being discarded. Handwritten notes, on the other hand, are more likely to be kept and displayed in the home, leading to more impressions for the same price. This means that your message will stay in front of prospects for a longer period of time, increasing the chances that they will remember you and consider working with you.

Leave a Lasting Impression

Finally, handwritten notes make a stronger impression than door hangers. Door hangers are often seen as impersonal and can be easily ignored. Handwritten notes, on the other hand, show that you took the time and effort to personally reach out to prospects, and this gesture can make a lasting impression. This can help build trust and establish a connection with potential clients, making them more likely to work with you in the future.

Realtors should ditch door hangers and instead use handwritten notes to connect with prospects. These notes are more scalable, have a higher response rate, stay in the home longer, and make a stronger impression. By using handwritten notes, you can increase your chances of reaching potential clients and building your business.

How Can I Scale Handwritten Notes?

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