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We offer Handwritten direct mail products at 1/3 the price of the competition! including handwritten letters, handwritten post cards, and product Inserts.

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Handwritten Product Offering

Handwritten Cards

Interested in a contrarian way of grabbing your prospects attention? Our handwritten cards will stop your prospect in their tracks and ensure they soak up your message without the distraction of technology.

Handwritten Post Cards

Grab your prospects attention with stunning visuals and a handcrafted message to wow them. This is a cost-effective option to reach your target audience in comparison to ineffective digital marketing strategies.

Handwritten Product Inserts

Studies show that personalization of consumer purchases lead to an increase in reoccurring sales and higher client LTV. Wow your e-commerce or subscription box clients with a personal handwritten product insert to applaud their loyalty.

Front and back of handwritten letter, handwritten envelope, and handwritten post card

Handwritten Product Benefits

Our handwritten products convert exponentially more than ineffective digital marketing strategies and printed direct mail.

Case studies of increased growth
(One client experienced 55x campaign ROI)

The back of LettrLabs handwritten letters and handwritten post cards, showing double sided premium printing
Conversion Rate
Campaign ROI
Satisfied Clients

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Why You Should Leverage LettrLabs

For Profit

Top Line Growth

Target your prospects with a personalized medium that will connect you with the best clients in your niche who are ready to buy
Identify and acquire new donors to support your mission. Focus less on fundraising on more on making an impact

Reduce Churn

Retain more clients through relationship marketing and build lasting relationships
Reconnect with lost donors through a handwritten note, by re-engaging them to participate with your mission

Strengthen Relationships

A simple thank you card can do wonders to make your clients feel appreciated and strengthen your long term-relationship
Strengthen your relationships and ensure your donors are with you over the long term and support your mission to their full potential

Client Referrals

Empower your best clients to advocate for your business
Empower your mid to high level donors to advocate for your nonprofit

“The ability to create high-volume handwritten touch points with our constituents has improved our donor experience and strengthened the connections to our mission.

LettrLabs made the process easy and we look forward to working together on future campaigns.”

Brett Kinley
Director, Development – Individual Giving
Cure SMA

Handwritten Product Optional Features

Here are some optional features you can include to take your campaigns to the next level.

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LettrLabs has the ability to identify and target the right people with the right message

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