How You Can Ditch Modern Postcard and get 5x the conversions With Personalized Handwritten Post Cards


While mass-produced postcards have their place, there's something undeniably lovely about a handwritten one. It might be the extra time and effort taken in finding the right card or crafting a personal message, but whatever it is, handcrafted cards definitely hold a special appeal. And for businesses, that can spell good news in terms of improved customer loyalty and smaller acquisition costs. So ditch Modern Postcard's printed cards and give LettrLabs' handwritten postcards a try – you will see 500% to 1000% more conversions for only 50% more per send!

Higher Conversions By Standing out

Case studies show that handwritten postcards have a response rate at least 5 times higher than traditional printed postcards. Why? Because they stand out in a mailbox - it's human nature to take notice of something different. At LettrLabs, we focus on creating one-of-a-kind, individualized postcards that are sure to be noticed by anyone who sees them. Plus, every postcard is written with an actual pen and includes a live stamp for the most realistic touch possible - your recipient will think it came straight from you!

Increased Customer Loyalty

There are several benefits to sending handwritten postcards, including increased response rates and more loyal customers. People appreciate the personal touch of a handwritten note, and they're likely to do business with you again in the future. Additionally, handwritten postcards can help build customer relationships and remind customers about your business.

Reduced Acquisition Costs

Not only do handwritten postcards have higher response rates and create more loyal customers, but they're a lot less expensive than you think. At LettrLabs, we offer low minimum quantities and affordable prices, so you can get the most for your money.

Improve Response Rates with a Personalized Message

When you break down your contacts into different groups and send each group a personalized message, you will see an increase in response rates. By addressing each contact by name and including a specially tailored message, the recipient will feel valued and more likely to respond positively to your request. Here at LettrLabs, we have a built-in tool that makes it easy for you to segment your contacts and personalize your postcards. Grouping your contacts by different criteria allows you to send each one a more relevant and tailored message, making it more likely they will respond positively.

High Quality Printing + A Personalized Message Written by Pen

At LettrLabs, we specialize in high-quality printing and personalized messages written in pen. Every postcard is handwritten with a real pen and includes a live stamp, so your recipient will think it came directly from you. We know the importance of standing out, and we focus on creating unique, personalized postcards that are sure to grab attention.

The Cost Will Surprise You

At LettrLabs, we focus on creating unique, personalized postcards that are sure to grab attention. Our handwritten postcards have a 500% higher conversion rates for only 25% more than printed post cards. So if you're looking to increase your response rates, build customer loyalty, and reduce acquisition costs. Stop following the crowd and stand out to deliver the best results possible! Request a free sample today to get started!

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Handwritten letters are a rarity, with the average American only receiving four per year - US Postal Service

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