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Measure Engagement with Analytics & Tracking

Measuring your engagement & ROI is a breeze with LettrLabs

Key Features:

Analytics Dashboard
Unique QR Code Tracking
Call Tracking Analytics
Delivery Notifications
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Analytics Dashboard

View your card engagement in real time, track your scans, calls, and ROI all in one real time dashboard

QR Scans
Calls Tracking
Delivery Notifications

Unique QR Code Tracking

See who scans your unique QR codes, so you can know who's engaged & can easily re-target them!


Call Tracking Analytics

See how many phone calls your campaign has produced, helping you measure it's impact and calculate your ROI

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Stop guessing about your direct mail engagement
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Measure campaign engagement & impact

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Call Recordings

Listen to the recording of each call

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Unlimited Tracking Phone Numbers

$1.50 per number / mo

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Unlimited Calls per Month

$0.04 per minute


Delivery Notifications

Use real time delivery notifications to coordinate multi-touch campaigns with digital and direct mail outreach